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Noah's Ark

HTML5 game, available for game syndication, web and mobile devices

Noah’s Ark is an Instant Win game with a huge appeal for players who are looking for something visually highly appealing and easy to play. Let this game flood your players’ imagination as players indulge - from either their desktop or mobile device.

When players enter the game they are greeted by the soothing sounds of lapping waves and Noah’s Ark with 5 sets of cabin holes. Each pair of cabin holes represents a potential win and there are up to five pairs to select in each round. Players choose from 1-5 cabin holes and they pop open to reveal either matching or non-matching pairs of animals. If players find a pair of animals “heavenly music” plays and the winning amount is displayed. Both web and mobile lets you play up to 5 pairs on each round.

 Noah’s Ark attracts players from the most cautious to serious high roller.The game offers you an eye-catching and easy-to-play Instant Win that works well with any portfolio of games.  Noah’s Ark is identical for players on both mobile and web versions so the transfer from playing in one medium to the next is seamless.


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