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HTML5 game, available for game syndication, web and mobile devices

Zodiac is a formidable scratch-based Instant Win game with impressive visual features and a high level of player anticipation. Playing the game especially from a mobile or tablet is effortless; choose between clicking on the zodiac symbols or by sliding your finger over the entire screen to reveal matching star signs. The game is designed to let players escape into the magical world of astrology by using imagery of the solar and zodiac system together with enchanting music.

Players simply need to match any three zodiac symbols by either clicking (tapping on the mobile version) or sliding across the entire screen- in ‘Autoplay’ this happens automatically.  

When a win is produced lighting strikes the winning symbols, joining them together in intergalactic union and heightening player suspense before their prize is revealed. Unlike standard scratch games, the prizes in Zodiac are not exposed until the game has been played, in keeping with the magical cosmic theme.

 Big wins and Mega wins produce an explosion of graphics and bursts of stars and other symbols rain across the screen. Once a round is over, to reset, the zodiac wheels spins and fresh symbols appear.

Turbo mode allows the wheels to spin faster and automatically reveals all the Zodiac symbols.


Let Zodiac bring the cosmos to life from either a desktop or wireless device.

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