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Pirates Scratch

Pirates Scratch

HTML5 game, available for game syndication, web and mobile devices

Pirates Scratch is a sensational and highly regarded HTML5 game offering a wide audience a fun and enchanting Scratch game, players will be charmed by the swashbuckling adventure scratch card.  The games main attraction is its flexibility and ease of play.

The desktop multi-scratch version holds up to eight cards which can be played on each round and the mobile version uses a single card option. Based on a Scratch Card mechanism, there are four playing options on the web version: there is an option for players to select scratch cards for themselves; use the “play for me” option to allow the game to reveal selected cards; ‘play max’ to play all cards or “Auto Play” to play up to 500 consecutive games automatically. 

On the mobile version players can scratch the card by clicking on the icons; ‘scratch all’ to reveal the entire card at once or choose “turbo’ to scratch off the whole card at a faster speed.  Also there is a “Big Win” where winnings are increased tenfold or and a “Mega Win” where players win 100 times the original bet.  

The card is designed to look like a treasure map with each card displaying nine treasure chests to scratch off, revealing symbols such as treasure chests, swords and Pirate ships.  When players enter the game itself the sounds of the lapping waves provide a relaxing and enchanting background for players to settle in for a long session of entertaining gameplay. 

Players who enjoy classic scratch cards and have a sense of adventure will love playing Pirates Scratch online and from their mobile phones.  

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