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Mr & Mrs Scratch

HTML5 game, available for game syndication, web and mobile devices

Based on the ‘match 3 to win’ multi-card engine, players scratch the nine squares on each card to reveal a variety of symbols typically associated with slots machines – these include lucky horseshoes, sparkling diamonds, four-leaf clovers, ripe watermelons, lucky number 7’s, golden bells and red cherries.  Rather than revealing these symbols in a standard manner, once the player clicks on any given square, a golden coin scratches the square for them, only adding to the game’s heightened sense of wealth and financial excess. Players can play upto 3 cards in each round 

The game’s two lead characters - Mr & Mr Scratch - are beautifully animated.  They also serve as visual guides for players to note their progress throughout the game in the web and mobile version: for example, when a player has a 'Big Win', the two characters perform a brief dance routine, leaving players in little doubt as to their achievements.  Similarly, while players select their game settings, visible in the corner of the screen, our heroes blow kisses and scratch their noses - personal flourishes like these, littered throughout the game elevate Mr & Mrs Scratch to something unique and special.

When players start a round they can then decide whether to scratch the cards manually or prompt the computer to ‘Play for Me’.  Once all the symbols have been revealed, scratching away the ‘Prize’ section at the bottom of the card will reveal how much the player has won.  The higher the player’s original bet, the more he or she might potentially win.

There is an ‘Auto’ play function which allows the player to select from a designated number of rounds before the computer plays for them (with whichever bet settings the player has decided upon before selecting ‘Auto’ play).  There is also a ‘Max Play’ function that, if selected, automatically selects all 4 cards for the next round – the ‘Auto play' function is also accessible in a ‘Max Play’ capacity, and regardless of how many rounds is then duly selected, it can then be stopped at any time.  On the mobile version of the game you can select from 1-3 cards.

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