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Mme Brioche's Bakery

HTML5 game, available for web and mobile devices

Bright, colorful and full of surprises, Mme Brioche’s Bakery is an instant win game with state of the art graphics and sensual sounds- directly transporting players into the heart of Paris as they take in the grandeur of a very special bakery.

Players can select from between 1 – 4 magical ovens per round; if three matching foods (ranging from cakes and éclairs to fortune cookies and pies) are discovered within a single oven, then the player wins.  There is so much to look at and enjoy while the game unfolds, this game really is a feast for the eyes.

Similar to the graphics, the game's sound effects perfectly accentuate what the player experiences visually – alongside the sounds that typically occur when a player increases or decreases their bet, the cash register rings and Madame Brioche herself starts to applaud.  The music helps to keep things light and entertaining, and once again, provide a worthy accompaniment to the game’s visuals. 

There are plenty of gameplay modes for players to enjoy in Mme Brioche’s Bakery.

When it comes to actually playing the round, players can open the oven themselves or simply allow the computer to ‘Play for Me’, whereby the various ovens are opened in one single move.  While this is a very seamless game, with players able to move fluidly from one round to the next, there is a ‘Turbo’ mode that boosts the speed of the game.

The game is captivating and unique, drawing a huge crowd of players and making it a great addition to any gaming website.


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