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Farm Scratch

HTML5 game, available for web and mobile devices

Farm scratch combines all the elements that players love about online scratch cards: welcoming and pleasant visual stimulation; enjoyable background music; ease of play and rhythmic and instinctive gameplay.

The web version is a multi-card flash version with up to five cards to be played in each round, each with a different farm-themed background.  After the players choose from 1-5 cards, the chosen cards are illuminated for that round. The player can scratch off each and every card personally or use the 'Play for Me' version to reveal selected cards; ‘Play Max’ to play all cards or 'Auto Play'.  Six monetary amounts are revealed as you scratch off the card and the player needs 3 matching amounts to win that amount.

The mobile version is a single card HTML5 game with an ‘in-game lobby’, you can choose one of the same 5 farm backgrounds as those provided in the web version, they can then simulate scratching to reveal the card which also requires 3 similar monetary amounts to win.  

The player experience is dedicated to the look and feel of playing with real scratch cards as the ‘scratch area’ not only appears as a real scratch card but as you scratch off this area the sound of scratching is played over the country style farm music.

 This game is both charming and relaxing providing all types of players with a fantastic alternative to more fast-paced games.

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