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Aztec Gold

HTML5 game, available for game syndication, web and mobile devices

Expertly designed to follow in the long-standing tradition of ancient-themed games, Aztec Gold offers both mass appeal and a high level of playability.  The game’s simplicity is key in making it a highly popular game for players at any level.  Based on the ‘match 3 to win’ game engine, Aztec Gold is a game where players are invited to scratch 6 squares to find 3 matching symbols to win a cash prize. 

The scratch area comes in the shape of a mighty Aztec temple, set against a ‘lost jungle’ backdrop - surrounding the temple in a warm glow, the game’s color scheme adds to the atmosphere as do the music and sound effects.

There are several modes of gameplay in Aztec Gold: once the player has selected the size of their bet, they can either scratch the squares off manually (for mobile players on their touch screen), OR they can decide to ‘Scratch All’, whereby all the squares are scratched in one single go, automatically.  Finally, there is a ‘Turbo’ function, which reduces the time spent waiting between rounds, allowing for speedier gameplay.  One of the game’s special features is the realistic manner in which the boxes are scratched – you can literally see the particles disappear as the symbols are revealed, as if players were scratching a real card; the ‘scratch’ sound effect mimics the visual cue, only further adding to this sense of realism.

Players will be drawn in by the games intuitive nature.


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