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Lucky Cupid

HTML5 game, available for game syndication, web and mobile devices

Expertly designed to put you in the mood for some great loving and continuing in a well-established genre of romantically-themed games, Lucky Cupid offers both mass appeal and a high level of playability.  The effortlessness needed to play this charming game is part of its enormous charm to players at all levels.  Based on the ‘match 3 to win’ game engine, Lucky Cupid is a game where one is invited to scratch 6 squares and find 3 matching symbols to win a cash prize. 

From triggering an explosion of shower sparkles and hearts when a tiny win is produced to the appearance of loving swans that create particle effects across the entire screen when a player hits a Big Win, ‘Lucky Cupid’ loaded with symbolic animation for different types of wins.   

The cherry pink scratch area resembles a romantic chocolate gift box, each scratch box shimmers with white lovebirds on a golden door bordered by a cheerful cupid who floats dreamily amongst the clouds.

The game has a spontaneous and simple format and the scratch cards are visually realistic, the scratch sound effect adds to the authenticity given by the visual cues.

There are several modes of gameplay in Lucky Cupid: once the player has selected the size of their bet, they can either scratch the squares off manually (for mobile players on their touch screen), OR they can ‘Scratch All’, whereby all the squares are scratched in one single go, automatically.  Lastly, there is a ‘Turbo’ function, which reduces the time spent waiting between rounds, allowing for speedier gameplay. 

It would be challenging to find a more appropriate game dedicated to love.    

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